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Stroke Recovery Care

Stroke Recovery Care

A stroke is a potentially life threatening condition that happens when the brain doesn’t get enough blood supply, and the effects can vary greatly from patient to patient. A stroke happens every five minutes in the UK, to people of all ages and backgrounds. Seeking fast medical treatment is key to successful recovery, along with quality after-care.

Here at White Dove Care Services we have been delivering high quality after-stroke care for years, helping our clients live independently in their own homes.

We know that strokes can be devastating, but with the right care and support it is entirely possible to still live a long and fulfilling life. We take great pride in our compassion and empathy, and the one on one support we provide is integral to ensuring our clients’ rehabilitation and recovery after a stroke.

We offer a flexible, tailored approach to our after-stroke care, which is all delivered by trained and experienced professionals. To find out more about how we can support you or a loved one following a stroke, contact our friendly team of care experts at our Warrington office today.